Does anyone know of any jobs for english speakers in north morocco ?

Hey, Im hoping to move over to Morocco by this summer (2011) and hoping to open my own business, but first I want to have a job untill im settled, so does anyone know of any job in north morocco (tanja, asila, larache) for english speakers ? i can speak darija aswell, but makn3rafch bzefff, w makn3rafch n9ra wla nkteb b l3rbiya wala9in knfhem w kn3raf nhdar biha :slight_smile: so if anyone knows of anything, please let me know :slight_smile: thank youuu

an english call center maybe !!???

lol i didnt know they had them :slight_smile: ill google it and try and find some :slight_smile: chokran dafir

You’re welcome…
there are many in casa !! :°)

:slight_smile: lol i know theres many in casa w kina hta f rabat but bghit n3ich up north lol maki3jbnich lcasa because its too big :slight_smile: but inchallah nl9a 1 f tanja :slight_smile:

how about english- spanish speaking jobs? ty

maotico, is that you asking about english/spanish jobs? or saying you know somewhere? lol :slight_smile:

I would like an english spanish job lol,

There’s also a spanish one in casa :smiley:
You gotta live in casa then, too big i know, but ZWINA !! ain’t it ?

lol theres an english/spanish one in tangier on the boulevard, i dont have the contact details for it though…but i guess you could go past it (if your local - you cant miss it its got a picture of a woman on the phone on the side of the building lol) then you could get the number (and pass it on to me :wink: ) or you could go in and ask…but when i googled call centers they have a few in tangier that deal in english & spanish along with other languages, but the phone numbers they give online are incorrect…i just hope when i go over its not going to be one of the cases where youve got to know someone to get in lol :slight_smile: but good luck to you maotico

haha dafir your just trying to get us to move to casa :stuck_out_tongue: w casa mazwina ma waloo :stuck_out_tongue: lol kbira w 3amra b pollution w ness tima ky3asboni, kadkun ghadi f zen9a w chi 1 kydkhul fik w kydor ky khti fik bhal nta li dkhulti fih…maki7chmoch lol :slight_smile:

hahaha 7chouma t3iri casa, hadchi li galti you can find it everywhere, even in tangier… don’t you think so ?
anyway, i’m not tryin’ to get you to move here, but to convince you how pretty and n9iya casa is :stuck_out_tongue:

no no ga3 ma3irt casa, just gult what ive seen there…w bl3aks i dont find these things in tanja…but makngulkch that casa khayb marra…just for me maki3jbnich… :slight_smile:

C’mooooon !!
anyway, that stays your opinion !!
Tanger zwina ta hya… hope you’ll enjoy livin’ in !!

lool :slight_smile: thanks dafir :slight_smile: inchallah illenjoy living there (ida l9iit lkhdma) if not then i might end up in casa as my last resort haha :slight_smile:

i see… well i hope you’ll get what you want in tangier.

P.S: btw, i see you’re darija is plenty good !!!

thanks :slight_smile: lol and chukran :slight_smile: mazal khsni n3lem chweya but i try :slight_smile:

Good luck then !! :°)

chukran :slight_smile:

la choukra 3ala wajib !!