Do You Like Halloween?

I guessed so, but that’s a new word for me. We call him môl zrrî3a only.

Ah ok. When you’re raised abroad, you sometimes get to do things you don’t realize that they have nothing to do with your culture.

Ha! The only way we Moroccans eat pumpkin is in couscous, it’s one of the 7 vegetables used for couscous. Other than that, it can exceptionally be part of a tajine, but a pumpkin’s right place is on couscous.

Wdn = Ear.
Wdnîn = Ears.
Wdîna = Little ear.
Wdînât = Little ears.

3în = Eye.
3înîn = Eyes.
3wîna = Little eye.
3wînât = Little eyes.

Bnt = Girl.
Bnât = Girls.
Bnîta = Little girl.
Bnîtât = Little girls.

I just got confused with MSA udun

Yes, I know. I just wanted to remind you of the Darija version, and how we make things “small” linguistically speaking.