Do you know your blood type?

I don’t! Surprisingly enough, I have no idea what my blood type is. I never got to actually make any kind of tests that can let me know about that :O.
What about you all?

same here lol

ça fait longtemps, j’ai fais des analyses ( juste pour voir comment ça se passait ) mais malheureusement j’ai pas trouvé my blood type f les résultats.
bref mes parents ont A et O donc 99% ça serait A

If I’m not mistaken, I’m A-


I don’t know :frowning:

A negative also

mine is A
I think asian ppl are more obsessive than ppl in any other region>.<
for ex, most of koreans know what their blood types are
and with them we’d classify their personalities according to the blood types.
do you know about Blood Type And Personality?^^
I found this.

Take a look at blood type O first.
Basically, people those who are in O group are outgoing and sociable.
They show much enthusiasm and drive once they set the goal.
When they have a group project in school or company, they tend to be a leader in that group.
In fact, there is lots of CEOs whose blood type is O.
However, their weakness is that they seem not to be flexible from time to time and not patient as well.

Secondly, people those who are in A group are calm and patient.
They plan and organize well when they work and tend to be perfect at all times.
They always seek stability and order. Generally, their problem is they take problems to seriously.

Third group is people who has blood type B.
Since they are very moody and creative, these people make us very hard to know their character.
One outstanding feature is that they love adventure.
When we are with them, it is hard to predict what is going to happen next.
Boys in group B are allegedly known as the worst boyfriend
because he is stubborn and hard to guess what he thinks.
Blood type B’s weakness is that they are a huge trouble maker since they seem rude.

It’s just for fun. hehe^^

Thats interesting flower hues:smiley:

It’s interesting to know how Korean people care about their blood type. So no zodiac signs for you? Or you also tend to care about that?
So flower hues is a calm and patient person seeking perfection :ok:.
Doesn’t the fact of having a blood type + or - make any difference for Koreans?

@devanymix : yes, it is^^
some young ppl even know how to have a date, how to be on a diet
and how to study effectively according to the blood types. (>.<)

@SimplyMoroccan : korean ppl don’t know well about their zodiac signs,
it’s because of that we follow the lunar calendar, i guess.
it’s changing, so young ppl know theirs.

                           and it seems that we don't care about + or -^^

                  i calm and patient? and seeking perfection?
                           maybe a little bit, which anyone has in his/her nature.
                           how about you?^^