Do you have a pet?

Or do you wish you had one?

We have a turtle at home, but I wish we had a cat.


I wanna have a cat, we dont have any pet at home, when i was child we had a baby rabbit, but she didnt stay a lot, I remember that i was coming back from shcool (primary school) at 18.00, and when i asked my mom about my rabbit (the rabbit didnt have a special name!) she told me that she was dead, i got very sad that day even that rabbit is not my best animal. Now i wanna have a cat, but at the same time I dont wanna keep him all the time at home, because I will very attached to him.

Rabbits :D. As we moved from the countryside when I was a child, we kept some of our habits from there. So we used to have turkeys, chickens, rabbits… And we would call chickens names we get from Mexican movies, Theresa for example :lol:. But I wouldn’t get attached to them, as it was obvious that we didn’t have them for their beautiful eyes. It was for their meat :hap:.
And oh, we used to have many cats. But not anymore. We used to have birds too.

chicken…Theresa :smiley: verry funny, sorry if there is any mexican people here :flag:
It beautifull to have cats at home :stuck_out_tongue: don’t you think, you said there was birds two, cats and birds = Syslvester & Tweety :smiley:

is it too far with this subject?
I wish I had one, though.
like the movie, Le Grand Bleu^^
and I love to draw dolphin with my lovely nieces~

I have goldfish at home
(someday they will be dolphin. I do hope so*^.^*)

I wish I had a farm…hehe… but in land scarce Singapore where most people (almost 80%), live in concrete jungles i.e. apartments or flats, there is no space for any! Well, I used to have a hamster, given to me by a friend. A female one, whom I named Siti Hamstella. I loved to see it running in the wheel. I believed she must have thought that the wheel was her key to freedom…

Sadly, it did not live long though. It died, just short of its 2nd birthday… And I never kept any more pets.

But I love kittens as they are so cute.

when i was little my sister had a beautiful white rabbit with rose red eyes, but she moved on.
me and my younger brother had many goldfishes in our childhood, but they all didnt last long, and were buried in our childhood home.
but now we have 3 cats
mima (a tortoise cat, stray cat we adopted her she alter gave brith to 4 kittens but 2 were given away)
and then the 2nd eldest, oliver who is a gorgeous black and white cat
and felix the youngest of the 4.

oliver is my favourite!!!

no pets :S

I don’t have a pet, but i used to have a kitten, pigeon, and rabbit too, oh I love all of them @);>–

I don’t have a pet. I used to keep asking for a pet until I no longer wanted one…:roll: