dir zerd?


I think it’s zerda which means party, specifically eating party, so dir zerda would be to make a party.
yet, zerda can also mean everything where somebody can profit in sth, like when a football team wins with 5-0, we say they had a zerda in the other poor team…

i don’t know if it is zerd ?!!! don’t know what is it

what my resource tells me is that zerda = party

wow pb, you got here so quick…you appeared like a ghost lol
good thing you did though, you’re explanations are MUCH better :slight_smile:

choukrrran 2 mimimimimi and peebz, yeah it must be zerda a party but that other info is the most useful pb…llah yjazkom bkheir

za3ma is back
we need to make zerda for her
ach has to make it
im waiting for le3rada



iyyeh aa3d rja3t kanat barra moda twiiiiiila…ndirou lha zerda 5 ayam…wlakin darori jabit lina new clothes mark vrai, sayara, kolchi :stuck_out_tongue:

mali jaya men sbalyoun
neta li khasak teqada lkhoutek melli dkhoul lem meghreb
ipods, imacs, iclothes

:blink: wauuuuuu 3araftini 100% wach jasousa wcheftini lmara lli fatat dkhalt lblad? thats exactly what i brought u weirdo!!

iwa w ghbirti fatra twila 3la a9al wach fiki bach t9oulilina mn ayn jibti hadrat lzen9a lamrikia dialik :stuck_out_tongue: