Difference between "zin" and "zwin" ?

That is the question.

zwin is originaly : zwiyen <— & it’s diminutive of zin

could you give an example please? :smiley:

It doesn’t need examples, the common word is “zwin”,
“zin” is used often by old people & countryside people.

Also “zin” is used by all when meaning “good” (quality) not “beautiful”

ok ok thanks! i just wasnt sure about what “diminitive” and all that meant…

diminutive of a word is when you take the word and add a little something to make it mean the same thing, but smaller…the example that comes to my mind is spanish, when you have miguel, and he has a son, and he names him miguel, and everyone calls the son miguelito. or he has a daughter named miguela, and she is so small and cute, so we can call her miguelita…or if she’s realllly small, miguelitita! you see where this is going? lol…in darija you can find a lot of diminutives that change the word from the middle instead of tagging on an ending, like zin and zouin…i think PB talks about it a bit here:


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well messieurs, i see that the name is actually achminfar9, but my referring to him as “ach” reminded me of Pokemon, ash/ach was the dude in the cartoon.

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