Dette / Sukhra ?


A friend told me about his “sukhra” today (if I understood correctly). What does it mean ? Is it a debt ? How do we say “debt” in darija ?


Un ami m’a parlé de sa “sukhra” aujourd’hui (si j’ai bien compris). De quoi s’agit-il ? Est-ce une dette ? Comment dit-on “dette” en darija ?


Sukhra is what you bring when someone send you to get it, and the verb is sekh-kher. Generally it’s groceries, but it can be just something from the neighbor, a jellaba from the tailor, or anything thing.
You can meet someone in the street, and they are in a hurry “sme7 lia, rani msekh-kher” = excuse me, I am sent to get sukhra.

So the words are: Sekh-kher (verb), msekh-kher (subject), sukhra (object)

I hope it’s clear.

Debt is something else, it’s deen. Deen might also mean religion, so pay attention to the context.

Hey, another question about msekh-kher here. Check it out to see an example of using it in a sentence.

Admin is right that Moroccans use deen as in debt, it’s a common mistake people use in Morocco, deen means religion and dain means debt. so dain is the word you’re looking for. some people confuse the word gheeba and ghaiba as well, two different words with two different meanings.