desperate- important translation, please - shukran

what means this :s ??

dark rask yak khask tamchyi na3ss a demain. fatri mzyan f sba7, bach matsakhfich , ila b9aiti katfakri fiya
bzf ghada tralik chi haja ou mouti. ana mabaghich nkone sbabak, 3andek b lil. hta hia goli ha babak.7tal ghada 29dar chi jadid.

your head hurts right, you need to go and sleep tomorrow. eat a good breakfast in the morning, so that you don’t collapse/faint/have no energy, if you keep thinking about me, something will happen to you or you will die. I dont want to be the reason, be careful at night. Even that tell your dad ( maybe). until tomrorrow there’ll be something new (maybe)

if i have put (maybe) it means im not sure

the text doesnt seem to be correct
hopefully someone will come along and edit it!!

s.h.a9iza your traslation is correct
it’s just that the incial text is probably from a non-native darija speaker

nice one!!!