Desperate for help


I am desperate for help. I don’t think many people check this forum very often, but if anyone reads this and can help, I ask you very humbly to assist me. It is for an essay that I am writing. I know it is long, but please bare with me, I am trying to meet a deadline but I understand that people cannot always answer me right away. I was hoping to get it written in Romanized Egyptian Arabic, but if you cannot help me with that, then Romanized MSA would also be okay. All help is greatly appreciated.

"Being silent is no different than being violent. We human beings need to work towards creating peace on every level, but this can only be accomplished when we acknowledge that a problem exists. To take the responsibility away from ourselves or in this case, the group that we belong to, we are only creating an environment where this violence, hatred, and evil can exist… "

“When a Muslim or a Christian or a Jew commits a crime, we cannot say that all Muslims, Christians or Jews are to blame, but we can admit that it was individual Muslims, Christians or Jews that did it. How is it harmful to admit this, unless you are living in a state of denial and you are afraid of looking defeated in an argument. If this is true, then it’s your ego that needs to be fixed and not your brain. Also, if this is true, then you are apart of the problem and your words of love and peace mean nothing, because they are only meant to hide the real issue.”

Thank you, I am forever in your debt.