Database Problem

We experienced a database problem that made the website and forum unreachable from 5 to 6 pm GMT this afternoon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Nous avons eu un problème de base de données qui a rendu le site et forum inaccessibles entre 17h et 18h GMT. Nous nous excusons pour le dérangement qui aurait pu être causé.

The problem last for the whole evening and night, yesterday. We do apologize again.

Le problème en question a persisté hier toute la soirée, nous nous excusons encore une fois.

But it’s not your fault anyways thanks for fixing it :smiley: :smiley:

Oh, you’re welcome :). I was sitting here helpless. The problem came from the hosting company, as well as the solution. I hope that it will not happen again.

As you must all have noticed, the forum and website were not working again for the last 24 hours.
We do apologize once more for the inconvenience, and we welcome you back with us.

As long as it is back again, We are very Thankful … :okay:

I hope that it will be stable now. It’s been on and off a lot.

I really missed it, glad it’s back :okay:

:neu: me too! i felt lonely without the forum!:neu:

Pick a boo i see U ( database Error ) :hap:

mun911 you avatar is so cute!:slight_smile:

Ha-ha! Llâ Sâfî, it’s hopefully over :).