Darija translation to English

Please can I have an english translation of the following:

1.Wa Zin rah tohchtk kif dayra

  1. Afin Hanya
  2. Bikhir
  3. Sim chaima hmdolah notma hanya?
  4. hanya hmdolah kif dayr hanya y’a mchito i aurika bsahtoo
  5. Htal Simana jaya ou namchiw majmo3in
  6. db nodz
  7. Zin, dyali, kif dayra
  8. lik
    10.sim, cin cv
  9. hiya ba91 sahran

Can anyone help me to translate the above?

xHere are the translations!

  1. hey beauty i missed you how are you
    two. what’s up? how are you?
  2. I’m fine
  3. hello chaima alhamdulillah (thank god) you guys feeling good?
    5.i’m fine alhamdulillah (thank god) how are you i’m fine you guys went to aurika good for him!!
    6.Till neXt week and we will go together
  4. now get up
  5. beauty of mine, how are you?
  6. yours / to you
  7. hello, how are you?
  8. she’s still awake (past midnight)