Darija song download link

I was thinking of creating a 4shared account where i upload darija songs, so that people who want to hear the language can download darija songs from there… gratuit. I want to link that account to this website though, so I just want to publicly let Admin know about this, and also guys, if you know song titles that you think are great for listening, for non-natives… plz jot them down here llah ykhllikom

Thanks :slight_smile:

great idea … llah y3awnk a khti

coooooool idea :okay:

too bad i don’t listen to Moroccans :hm: exept Rap, which is not good for learnig Darija…

Do Algerian songs count ?

thanks guys, i already uploaded 2 songs, rap songs bien sur :stuck_out_tongue: but inchallah after my exams im thinking of uploading everything i got that’s in darija… i just want admin’s opinion first, coz it might not be suitable for the w.site, wanna know what she thinks first… and like i said, put down songs you think will be real useful.

PB, i can probably make a folder of “ALGERIAN DARIJA” too where we have lotfi etc. :okay:

you know what guys, being the impatient person i am, i already uploaded a few songs… i’ll provide the link to the page once admin approves of it, nchalla :ze:

OK guys i got Admin’s permission, so here’s the link to the Moroccan Darija songs, inchallah i’ll be uploading more this week and next, and after exams inchallah it will be fully done :slight_smile: The Algerian folder is going to be activated soon also