Darija, Moroccan Arabic, taught in Universities around the world

In some requests in the translations forum, some people need help with their dialectal homeworks. I find that amazing. I am thus interested in knowing what universities, around the world, have Darija -Moroccan Arabic- courses, or classes. If you’re studying in a University that offers a Moroccan Arabic class also for non-students, please add it here to the list.
My objective is to have an ultimate list of universities where Moroccan Arabic is taught.

in spain almost all universities has courses of moroccan darija :wink:

so not fair… i wonder, do they teach darija at universities in Morocco?

no they dont looooll … we learn darija from the best schoooool in the world … our moms

ahah and do those “best teachers” use any slippers to make you obedient students? :lol:

hahahah u cant imagine what they r usin :stuck_out_tongue:
but i like the moroccan education , its not perfect but it is good :slight_smile:

Lol i can imagine, i have a mum too :roll:
lmohim, they are amazing :smiley:

hahhahahahhaa yeah the best moms in da world :stuck_out_tongue:


There is some schools where you can learn darija in Tangier for foreigners. But they are low level courses.

In spain some universities are teaching moroccan arabic, but as a speciallity of arabic studies (Barcelona, Cadiz, Alicante…)

i agree with u catalan