Darija, Moroccan Arabic, is it fast to you?

You often hear people say when they first learn Moroccan Arabic: Oh, Darija is too fast for me. I have the same impression of other foreign languages that I don’t speak, if you see what I mean.
So my questions are:
Do you find Darija fast-paced? Does this impression fade away as you learn more Moroccan Arabic?

Honestly speaking darija IS fast, and i find that many of the words are not pronounced as they are written, what i mean by this is darija speakers (when compared to other arabic speakers) swallow many of the letters in a word when conversing… a long sentence can be articulated in a nanosecond in darija, ok ok ok not a nanosecond but you get the point, you people speak soooo fast.

Although it’s quite hard to catch up with, i find that as i learn more and more darija i am quite getting used to the speed and am now beginning to understand what i hear… watching interviews and darija videos helps a LOOOOOOOOT… i think for any language, being immersed into the language is the best way to absorb it most effectively & be able to follow the flow

Definitely agree with Aicha :ok: Most words are said pretty fast with half the letters not said e.g “dajaaj becomes jaaj” etc but I dont think thats my main issue, I mean other dialects like the Egyptian dialect is REALLY fast but I can sorta understand it whereas with darja its ok paced but I dont understand half of what is being said :blink:. With Darja u have to be around ppl who speak it and then u get used to the pace and just concerntrate on what is actually being said :cool:

I’ve been said by someone Moroccan that Daija seems difficult because it’s spoken fast. But you know what, I was surprised at first when I read that Masri is too fast, but I think you’re right…
The difficulty in Darija I think lies in the Berber pronunciation of the words. I’ve read in wikipedia that Darija is Arabic pronounced with a Berber accent.

I, personally, see it fast, but I think it’s the case with many languages, any language, I mean listen to a native English or French speaker in a common talk you’ll find them talk fast. Likewise with a Moroccan or Egyptian native speaker…

Ok, I completely agree.

1 . Is fast (but also english, french, etc… speaks fast)
2 . No vowels on it. This i find it really hard.
3 . No known rules by the speakers, no standards widely spreads (more than dialects in darija, there are idiolects, that is: everybody/family has his own language, so communication is really hard)
4 . No feed-back. A darija speaker is not used to help others to understand, because there are no darija learners. Really, do you think here in Morocco people study darija? No way, we are a few, a really little bunch. So native speakers they have no tools to help you (but they try sooooooo hard… I love them!).

looolll ouazzani i agree with u , ive been told many times that we r specials
(btw have u ever tried to understand a Gitano talkin spanish )

Yeah! Completely right.

I had a close relationship with some gipsy comunities, and I can tell you they speak a bizarre spanish. Not easy to understand for spaniards. We -spanish speakers- us to make fun on radio or television about their way to express themselves, in a gentle way usually (otherways they would come, kill you and hang you with your own intestines… ).

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hope there is no gypsy here :smiley: