Darija into English

My Darija is not so good :hm:

What means :

twaheschtek bzaf rani farhana nschufek

and what can i answer to my girlfriend ?


twaheschtek bzaf rani farhana nschufek = i miss you alot Im so happy to see you

you can say : hta ana farhan bzfffffff hobi, kanbghik. = Im happy too my love, i love you

I think '7bibti" would be more appropriate than ‘7obi’…just saying :wistle:

yes youre right thanks for the correction :slight_smile:

7obi does work though.

@esmeraldababa, Paperbird, sahir1

I am happy :wink:
Thank you very much for the answers :okay:

Another Question :smiley:

I am not sure what this means :

Safi rak welit oujdi hor men rak tkelem darija ya hbibi. 3alik mscha maak.

Some words i understand and some not.

So can somebody translate the sentence for me and what could i answer(to girlfriend), please ?

OK, you’ve become a true Wejdi sence you talk Darija my dear. “3alik” s gone with you.

I don’t know what’s “3alik” !!