Darija, in your language

I know that many of you speak foreign languages. So my question is: Does the word “Darija” mean anything in your language? Does “Darija” sound close enough to any word in your language? If so, what word, and what does it mean.

Darija doesn’t mean anything in my language, but it sounds similar to the word Derece (which is pronounced Dereje) and it means “level”, i think it comes from the word Daraja in arabic, not sure.

Darija sorta sounds like Darraaja which is “bike” in Fus7a but I don’t think we have a word like this in English :hm:

Thanks, LA. It probably comes from daraja indeed.

Mini, Darija and Darraaja are both fus7a ;). I thought about it in English and French, and found no word close to Darija.

I am asking this because when you look for Darija in Google, you find it in other languages meaning other things. It’s even a name! I wonder in what countries can Darija be a name.

Lol i’m also interested as to which countries have darija as a name, you never know, i might even name my child (if i have one, inshaAllah) Darija :smiley: it would be awkward as first name, so i’ll make it “middle name”. And, after second thoughts i’ll probably name my daughter that, as the word Darija looks feminine :smiley:

Allahu 3lam


It’s probably an African name. But I doubt it, I feel it’s more of an eastern-European name. I think that it’s already used in Australia though. Just look for Darija in Facebook or Google, and you’ll find loads of people called Darija. I bet that they are not feeling awkward at all. They don’t know… lol

Haha and it means African TRIBE!!! sorry but i’ve changed my mind, i don’t want to name my child “AFRICAN TRIBE” lolllll or maybe i do…

that’s interesting.

Hi :wink:
I m from Russia
You know we have a name, girl’s one - Dar’ya (also we can call a girl by her short name - Dasha), really it’s an old name. But now it’s popular in my country.
Darija and Dar’ya sounds different a little… but when you write these words are very close. I think that’s why google offeres it. I noticed this too…
And really in Russian a word “Darija” sounds veeeery nice… at least for me :ok:

duuude i’ll need ur help in russian :stuck_out_tongue:
i have a friend who speaks russian and i wanna talk to her in russian instead of english :smiley:
so u’ll have a lot of work with me hihihihihihi

Feel free … I m here :wink:

And russian language is just russian everywhere… not like your Darijaaaa … I feel stupid… every city speaks different :blink:

da , ur right , but this is what gives to morocco that diversity of cultures :slight_smile:

haha… ??! I see you know smth in Russian :wink:

Yes, I agree…
And really I admire moroccan people. Except different moroccan dialects they usually speak some languages: French, Arabic, English, Spanish…
That’s really great…
I can’t say the same about Russia. In total Russains speak Russian and bad English :hap: Maybe just now this situation becomes to be better… People here started to be interested in learning languages.

I want to add also that moroccans learn Russian in a short time. I mean who live some time in Russia… And then they speak almost without any accent.
I don’t know about other arabic people so I can’t say anything.

haha… I m crazy just about moroccans :smiley:

hehhehehehehehe duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude moroccans r crazy about u too hhhh
u know what … in morocco , we (guys) consider that russian and lebanese girls are the most beautiful in the world :smiley:
i remember that when i were child i told mom that my future wife is gonna be russian :stuck_out_tongue:

you no need to tell me this abt moroccan guys :smiley:

haaa… really ? I told my mom almost the same… just abt my future moroccan husband :ok:
My poor mom still doesn’t want even hear abt it…

mmm… interesting… why not lebanese then?

haha… and what about our “Darija, in your language” ?? :smiley:

hahahhahah i have now a friend which is half russian half lebanese :smiley:
and we r planning to rob a bank and get married :stuck_out_tongue: interesting hein ?

lol well we r moroccans we start talkin about Irak we finish the discussion with the new film of pamela anderson :smiley:

hahaha… is it some version of Bonny and Clyde or what ? :^^:

Yeah… really interesting :stuck_out_tongue:

But if just you knew what is my work you ll never say this to me loooool

:open_mouth: interpol !!!

huh ! :wistle:

Back to the topic. Well, I can only say, that Darija has no meaning in German.

i know its supposedly from latin, but i think that it is impossible to ignore that ‘degree’ and ‘daraja’ are just one switched root away from each other…