Darija > Engelish please

sheddek teba3 zine
geddama 3la chwabin (/ shouabin)
what does this mean?


sheddek teba3 zine (why did you/what made you/why did u have to follow the beauty(the beautiful one)
safra = yellow (yelow skinned person/girl, or blond one))
geddama 3la chwabin (/ shouabin) = ?

thankyou so much!

what is chwabine?? pleasee

could not figure it out, it could’ve been clearer if i could see what’s “geddama” !

can u provide a longer context ?

“Khedamma” a woman who cleans up everything (cleaning) ?? right??

(sorry for my english!!):hm:


Sill not clear what is “shwabin” !!