Darija and tamazight language exchange for one of these languages

hello everyone.

my name is Soufiane, I would love to help anyone interested in learning the Moroccan darija or Tamazight (the Tachelhit dialect), in return, I would appreciate it if you could help me practice one of these languages (french B2, English B2, German A1, Japanese A1).
if you are someone who meets the criteria mentioned above then go ahead and DM me.
thanks in advance.

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Hi Soufiane I’m not sure how messaging works on here but I can help you since you helped me. I don’t have any desire to learn Darija at this time but maybe in the future when I feel better. I can help you learn English.

Message me since I’m not understanding how to send on here.

Thank you.

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me too Soufiane, i don’t know how to send DM to you on here, but i am sure i can help you :slight_smile:

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Hello !

I would also be able to help you in French (native) and English (C1) if you help me in Darija, don’t know how to DM here though, if we are multiple people available let’s also create a group !