Daily Phrases - Eng>Arabic

I was wondering if someone could translate these phrases into Syrian Arabic for me (both translation and transliteration) if you could! (All of these phrases will be directed at a male, from a male)


Are we leaving?

Where are we going?

Turn off the light

Turn on the light

Are you finished?

Are you working tomorrow?

What time?

well i could help but im not sure it’d be perfect as syrian arabic , anyway , if no member could help i’ll do it however

I am not perfect in Syrian Arabic, but my translations will be understood.

Are we leaving? = Tal3in?

Where are we going? = Win baddna nrou7?

Turn off the light = Taffi nnour.

Turn on the light = :unsure::blink: I don’t remember!

Are you finished? = Khallaset?

Are you working tomorrow? = Ra7 teshteghel bokra?

What time? = Ayya sa3a?

Hope this helps.

I agree with SM :slight_smile:

I think turn on the light in Syrian is

shaGHel edDaw/ennour ??? ???/???
sh3el edDaw/ennour ??? ???/???

That’s sh3l DDo in Darija, pretty close.

yes it’s close :slight_smile:

we say eDwi edDaw :smiley:

We love to hear back from people who make translation requests. We would love to know whether our efforts were helpful or not :).