Cup Cakes

Because I love all the yummy pictures, I am sharing them…

Some more:

And finally:

there are so good that i wouldn’t want to eat them >>> :mdr:

LOL! Good one!

great and so swwett

Yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy :smiley:

Minoucha, welcome to the forum :). Don’t be shy and pass by the new members section to tell us a little bit about yourself.

@ Everyone:
Stop drolling over the photos :mdr:.

As mun911 said, they are so nice that you would not eat, but I think I won’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:

yummmmy , it’s you who prepare all that !!

No, it’s not me. I just posted the pictures :). But if you have a recipe, I’ll be glad to try.

yammmmmmmmmmmyy bghit wahda