crazy maghrebins

have u seen crazy moroccans or maghrebins in general? show us :slight_smile:

the quality isn’t fab, sorry guys.

if a moroccan goes to london…


same guy on a train/metro


LOL…looks like si is updated with yelle’s beats :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not fort comme un turc, it’s now fort comme un algerien xD


[quote=LallaAïcha]have u seen crazy moroccans or maghrebins in general? show us :slight_smile:

the quality isn’t fab, sorry guys.

if a moroccan goes to london…

HAHAHAHA abooow this guy is chill :smiley: singing the french national anthem lol :stuck_out_tongue:

And that algerian guy daamn he’s strong

chilllll? you mean CHAUUUUD right? i thought so :cool:

Hahaha ,no i mean’t chill :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: i mean he knows how to joke & seems to be a cool person Xd yaa digg

ok ok whateva you sayyyyy but i know what you’re REALLY thinking xD

dude can sing and hes got some aite fashion game 4 a skinny little cutey european guy…but i gotta take issue with WHAT he sang…i was waiting 4 ‘manbita la7rar, machri9a lanwarrr…’

HAHAHA @ cutey!! glad someone agrees with me -joke-

in the train one, he actually says “raaachidaaaaaaaa” … doesn’t sound much like an anthem there :lol:

ehh i just meant if u LIKE that sort of thing a little guy to keep in ur pocket like 3ammi issa and take him out every now and then 2 pat his head and feed him a cracker…then yeah that one would be a good choice :mdr:

ahhh! back to prison lol

ahahahahahaaaaaa @ pat his head and give him a cracker, it aint fair that little guys like that are always taken though, i heard 3ammi issa has a meuf called 3ammti ms3ouda, and her voice is even more buff :blink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello everybody,
Before talking about an Arab Maghreb and finding a “Maghreb” solution for the Algerians and Moroccans, the immigration laws in the Maghreb need to be changed for us Algerians living in Morocco and vice versa. We are lost here because we cannot find work since we are of Moroccan nationality and have Algerian residency. I am finishing my studies and I don’t dare try to find work because I am a Moroccan. I am not a Jew; I am simply a Muslim of a different nationality. What can I even do? I tried to return to my country, but I found the same thing because my degree is not valid there. I would need to do an equivalent degree. As the saying goes, [expletive deleted]. I went back to Algeria, but there is nothing to do, no rights for us. We are lost. Why? What is there that we can do?

i dont get u :s … ur algerian living in morocco or moroccan living in algeria :smiley:
and btw i think the citizenship law in morocco has changed a couple of years ago … but ofcourse u cant get the moroccan nationality if none of ur fathers is moroccan … and this is not only for algerians but for the whole world :smiley:
and about ur work , i dont think being of a different nationality is a problem in morocco … its just morocco is a poor country :smiley: and we dont have work for everybody … but if u have a high degree in a good field im sure ull find work with multinationalities … but if ur aiming to work with the moroccan state loolll just forget about it … coz even moroccans born and rised in morocco cant get jobs .

he said “for us algerians living in morocco”