cracking knuckles

do you crack your knuckles people?
I would like to know so that I can put you on my black-list :p:p

I just find cracking knuckles soooooo ruuuude and highly annoying

anyone agrees?


and for those who want to know it in darija, it’s terteq sba3ou for he cracks his knuckles… yiiiickes

no its 7ram

I’m addicted to it lol, but i can’t do it that many times as the person in the vid

Mad, 7ram? where did you get that from???

tafoukt, black-listed hhhhh

hadeeth ? fatwa ?

:smiley: jtihad l3olama2 ( mad w rba3a dialo )

we shouldn’t be taking you too seriously…

ka ma 9ala l’ be7be7ani !!!

no no really … hya mekrouha f salat … and after l9aw l3olama2 anaha modirra bi si77a … walakine tta wa7ed maz3em ygol raha 7ram … u know its not easy tkherej fatwa
but for me its haram safi :smiley:

I’m also semi-addicted to it, but my neck, back and legs, and sometimes nuckles… and i heard it was makrooh too

knuckles* hhh

Hahahaha daaayuum you’re skilled in this xD

Lol you had to see me when i was younger, practically every joint in my body was being cracked…

ouchhh i dont know how ppl can actually crack their knuckles, back knees oufff

this makes me CRINGE seriously :blink:

oooouuuaaaiii !!!


crack crack crack

… I go crazy when I hear this lol

yea same here its annoying