Couscous on Friday

It’s a kind of ritual in the Moroccan culture. Most Moroccans know what they will cook on Friday : Couscous.

Do you ALWAYS have couscous on Fridays unless if some unusual circumstance happens? Or it depends on the general mood of the house?

It’s the latter for me :hap:. No couscous today for instance.

We preapare Couscous every Friday, but you missed it today as it seems :smiley:

But do I eat it every Friday and in it’s time? Actually : NO, because I study in Friday so I don’t eat it at lunch, and I don’t like to eat Couscous alone when I came in the evening.

Today (holiday) we made 3 kind of Couscous in the same Couscous (smîd , blboula & dra) :smiley:

no, not every friday hit ma ssaknash fe maroc

can you explain me what are this three kind of couscous (smid,blbola dra)??

It’ about what they are made from ; smîd is semolina, belboula is “semoule d’orge” (I don’t know the name in French, it’s color is white-grey and bigger than smîd) and dra is corn (“Couscous à la farine du maïs” in French, this one is smaller than smîd)

Is it clear now? :slight_smile:

when i was in morocco, we had this ritual. but here once very month… :roll:

my favorite is Couscous W/ Golden Raisins (i forgot the name given to this dish )

I think belboula is the closest to maftoul :smiley: