Countries Game In Darija

Ok dudes and dudettes, in this game one person describes a country in darija and the rest guess it. The person that guesses it first gets to describe a place and wait for the others to guess it… Good luck!

Whoever wishes to start can go right ahead :wink:

blad me3roufa fl meghrib b che3b lmkelkhine :smiley:
nzidkom 7aja okhra , kolchi msemmi khder temma lol wakha makayn khdouria

this is a country so famous in morocco as stupid ppl
im gonna add another thing , everythis is called green there … however there is nothin green at all :smiley:

um somewhere in the south??
ummmmm guessin for no reason: Marakesh? its well famous haha

nooooooooooooo i was talkin about a country :d

“kolchi msemmi khder” gives a clue (to me) for two countries…
Is it an Arab country? [or am I supposed to play without guessing?]

ohh I thought u wrote a county in Morocco! lol
um tricky, is it saudi? thats like majority desert
orrrrr a 5aleeji country or somethin :stuck_out_tongue:

looolll ok ok its an arab country , aint gonna say more

well if it’s not Saudi Arabia as mini guesses, so I think Tunisia cause they call it Tunis elkhadra while it’s dessert.

or…can I guess twice?


no no no no but ur close both of u :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, to my second guess…Libya

bravo gret :smiley: daba nta , goulina chi we7da

loll nice to see you all have already commenced. It’s Gretchen’s turn now, make it easy eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

wow :yes: I’ve made it…

Well, it’s supposed to be my turn, but actually I’m still mixing darija with my own dialect…I surrender :flag: lemme only guess…

no harm gret… just try :slight_smile: we r gonna help u

I was just afraid to confuse others, especially who have no knowldge for Arabic…Anyway, darija learners, if you found any new word I wrote here, plz don’t take it for granted & study it as darija…

blad bgharb africia, ma3rofa bchno? ana ma3lmchi :stuck_out_tongue: lelsodfa esmit-ha liha m3na bel darija
(a country in west africa, famous for what? I don’t know…By chance, its name happened to has a meaning in darija)

Mali ???

nooo another country.
alwan dyal rayet-ha khdr, w sfr, w 7mr
(that’s so easy then)

btw, chno rayko fe darijati; zwina awla machi zwina?

and ur Darija’s good :slight_smile:

Thanks mini :slight_smile:

No, not Ethiopia; the country of my riddle isn’t in the east of Africa…