Could you translate this short conversation?

hadi hiya lihawdat m3ak wahad l3am l maroc???


ok my bien had l3am mahawdatach chi wahda m3ak

la safe ana ohde

I know the parts in spanish. like “si” and “ok my bien”. Thanks a lot.

  • Is this the girl/woman who came with you to Morocco few years ago ?
  • Yes
  • well, no one came with you this year ?
  • No, just me alone.

thanks a lot lot lot :slight_smile:

please could someone explain hawadat is it exactly like jat or what is the literal meaning of this verb and when you can use it?

Whussup 9rafnimchA, its been a while

  • I don’t know the exact origins of “hawd”, but in Darija it literally means “come down” “go down” “get down” “diminish” & may also mean “lessen”.
    In addition to all those meanings, in Shamaliya (northern accent) especially the north-west, “hawed” & the opposit “tla3” ( _ up) means to cross a distance to a certain point, no matter a travel or a short near trip, on feet or by a mean.
  • For example, we say daily in summer, “nhawdo l b7ar” (we go to the beach), & after few hours we say " ntal3o b7alna" (we go back home), & we can say netla3 l France & nhawed l Maghreb.
  • The use of hawed or tla3 often depends on wether the portion of land you’re going to is higher or lower than the one you’re on, however this rule can be broken sometimes. let’s suppose that the ground of Tanja is lower than the ground of Casa, still the only choise is tla3 (go up), it does not sound right to say go down to Tanja because in the map Tanja is fo9 & Casa is ta7t.

For fos7a, “hawed” has a meaning that has nth to do with “go down”, which is “convert sb to Judaism”

w kidayr ajoumi.

nice. very AWESOME explanation.

its good, i have heard tla3 in this context but never hawed.

we also say this like this in colloquial english (i’m going down to new york this weekend, if you are north of new york), with pretty much the same rules of up or down…

&…what is ajoumi :blink:

a jemmi howa ntaya a sa7bi

ana lhadra harbat lya maaraft man golik a omri haja wahda bghitak taarfiha o taakdi manha biaani maamarni bghit chi had bhalakfik kolchi tbarkallah alik jamal forma wa dakaa allah ihafdak lwalidik o wlidatak lhassil rani tan bghik o .
bonjour kora hayahti lbarah maa howa makhadamch onssiti tifakia dyalna bssahtak allala .ana wla tay jini sam mano owlit makhlouaa otan chak imkan lama bkit taik frassi khassni ntghalab ala had lkadya lan ntssata chi nhar hadi hia dariba dyal lbghyane lmohim nti labass alik twahachtak bazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaf a omri mat nssaynich a hobi.

yeah, i thought so, u just wrote it strangely :stuck_out_tongue:

i have that problem ma zal :S