imam d jame3 dl9achla dl3askar majach, nad wa7ed l colonel majore ySalli bihoum, meli nad men roko3 o gal “sami3a llaho liman 7amidah” koulchi jawbo " rabbana walaka l7amd" illa wa7ed l3askri b9ouwet l9hra o lkhel3a lli mdouwzin 3lih nsa annaho wa9ef 9dam llah o gal : “rabbana walak l7amd a mon colonel majore”

no sense of humor at this forum, or is it just that the joke is too bad?

Neither. It’s an Admin who tries her best to answer all requests.

Here is the translation:

In an army’s base, the imam of the mosque was absent. A colonel-major stood up to lead the soldiers for the prayer. When he stood up from bowing (or call it kneeling), and he said (the common Muslim’s invocation) “Allah listens to him who praises Him”, everyone said back (the common Muslim’s invocation)“Our Lord, praise be fore Thee only”, except for one soldier who - under the stress of all what he lived in the army, and under the huge fear - forgot that he was standing before God, and said “Our Lord, praise be fore Thee only, my colonel-major!”

I never liked religion related jokes.

Please be patient for any translation requests. If I seem to skip one of yours, just remind me of it without doubting about my willingness to help. If the joke is so bad, I’d simply let you know. Thanks.