Could you translate this into english please? thanks

kasak dial rekal chrabto fe 3ers el milud

mizian heta sahabtek kat abjha koulchi li kat dir

thanks in advance

1st line - i drank your cup of rekal at milud’s wedding - i dont know what rekal is (kind of sounds like ricard :stuck_out_tongue: but i’m not sure)…im pretty sure this is a saying or something like this but i dont know it

2nd line - nice, your girlfriend likes everything you do

not spying are you anorewein?? :o

no it’s just a commentary of the photo of my fiance on facebook that i commented and our friends did too unfortunately I can understand only if they seak in spanish and whnever they write sth in maroccan I can’t… and I don’t want to bother to much my fiace with too many translations…

kat abjha

So this means “like”?

@ anorewien-- cool that is what i would do too…this is a good place 2 learn random stuff like that when u don’t want 2 bother the same person over and over

@sahir1-- kat abjha…i actually didnt even notice it was typo wen i read it jjjjj…though i guess i am not 100% positive, from the context, this is probably (im like 95% sure) a typo for kat ajbha aka kta3jbha…think you know this verb from your other dialects and the weird way it works… and you find in a lot of internet typing this weird split of becoming 2 words.

also a note…thou i didnt see the picture, the comment strikes me like something funny, like teasing him saying u can for example wear a very ugly shirt and your gf doesnt care because she loves you and everything you do : DD

Yes, i think it was written exactly with this intention :slight_smile: