Could you translate it for me?

Hi! I got this message: “Ok iva hi god madr ay fit slut atout lafami a lov iva jotim youssef”. My name is Ewa (“iva” in the message, I guess) and the sender’s name is Youssef. I’m also particularly interested in what “slut” means. Thanks in advance for help :^^:

Hello Ewa

In my opinion this message is not written in Darija but in “bad” french and mixed with english

He says slut atout lafami = “say hello to your family”

a lov iva jotim youssef = I love Ewa. Je t’aime. Youssef

(Sorry, this is a personal interpreting but this is what I guess this boy is telling you)

Hope this will be helpful

Thanks so much, it did help me a lot. Could someone translate the beginning of the message please?