could you please translate these 5 sentences into english/french 4 me


I have received the following sentences from someone very dear to me, but unfortunately I have not been given the translation, and he does not want to give me either English or French version. I apologize in advance if these contain any rude words, I sincerely hope it is nothing offensive. They could also be pretend angry, joky, or romantic, I really don’t know what they mean at all! I hope I have copied them well. If you think these are not fit for public viewing I would appreciate it if you could send them to me directly. Either English or French translation will do, though English is easier for me.

Many thanks in advance!

la choukra 3la wajin

ntia zouina bsaf

ghassek tji lhna bghit nchoufek. Afak ji hanya bghited

il anahou kat 3ajbini bsaf siri tha3si

la choukran 3la wajib = “you’re welcome” but an extra friendly response like “it’s my job”

ntia zwina bzaf = you’re very beautiful

khassek tji lhna bghit nchoufek. 3fak ji hanya bghited = you have to come here i want to see you. please… (the rest i can’t decipher)

  • with the last one im not sure.

Oh, thank you so much for this! You are amazing, and have just made my day. I have probably misspelt some of the words in the other sentences, but even having this is great. Thanks again!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: basically you got compliments and someone is dying to see you :stuck_out_tongue: you can always ask to get things translated from English into Moroccan Arabic too, just to look like you’ve done your homework :stuck_out_tongue: he’ll be astonished :smiley: