Could you please help me with a translation?

Hi everybody, I’m a new user here my name is Anne from Mexico.

I would like to know what does this phrase means?

“Salam labas 3lik fin had lghiba ntmna tkoun b 1000 khir”



Translation : “Peace, how are you doing, where have you been disappearing,i hope you’re 1000 times okay”

bienvenido Mexgirl, tienes la bienvenida aki en esta pagina, y creeme te ayudara mucho ,
y por cualkier cosa aki nos tienes …
xao :wink:

Thank you both!
I’m trying to learn moroccan arabic and this website is very helpful.
Have a great day! :ok:

so nice,
but, I see that u re so interesant in to learn moroccan language, do u ve the origin moroccan ???