Could u help me with some words??

I’d like to know, how to write something in arabic :roll:.


  • Gilliana
  • Lucas

[color=#35bac9]My family name:[/color]

  • Chibani


  • My mum (mother), my life.
  • Lucas, endless love.
  • True Love.[/b]

I would be glad if you coud give this answers!!

Gilliana :wink:

Welcome gichibani :).

  • Gilliana = [large]???[/large]
  • Lucas = [large]???[/large]
  • Chibani = [large]???[/large]
    Do you know what your family name means in Moroccan Arabic? It means “old man”. :slight_smile:
  • My mum (mother), my life = [large]??? ???[/large]
  • Lucas, endless love = [large]??? ?? ??? ???[/large]
  • (The) True Love. = [large]??? ???[/large]

I hope this helps.

Thank you veryyy much for the help!!

And thank you as well for the meaning of my family name!!
Its name is originally from Syria, so it’s kind of arabic, is’t it?? :roll:

it helped a lot!!!

You’re welcome.
Chibani is indeed an Arabic word , but it’s rather a dialectal one from Morocco. I am not sure it’s used in Syria. It comes from the MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) verb “shâba” or “châba” (Ch prunounced as sh, not as ch -tsh-), which means to grow old.