Could someone translate this text into English, please. Thanks

fine a zine ,rani jit lmgrib ouraki 3arfa gir m3a la famille daba
bgite gir nrtah chwiya m3A trek
wanchoufouk outhllay frassek

Hi beautiful. I did come to Morocco, and you know, I’m with my familly now, just wanted to relax for a while. Then, I’ll see you. Take care of yourself.

Thanks Aflatoun.

Thanks for taking the time to do the translation for me.

Question: wanchoufouk is it i’ll see u, or we’ll see u?

Good question. It’s indeed in the plural form, but some people would talk like that… a feeling of majesty -lol-. But you don’t use the plural form always, but just with expressions like:
Nshoufouk = Let us see you, or will see you.
Ma tswwlish fina = You never ask about my/our news

thanks a lot SimplyMoroccan!