Could someone translate this for me please!

walah hata 3jbtiha 3awdtla o3jbtiha
fayen azayn
3malti lahya
waw chal wa3ar
chkon hada rabi3 wla?
yak maziwan waldak bzaf rabi yahlihlak azayn
chokran azay
agji a***
hawa aysafetlek boussa
iwa kahsana nachofak azayn
nchallah feshhar 7
ok lah yajibak 3alakir azayn
ye3tik sahha
ma3ndichi ana fadar
chenni ma3andekci *** wla

walah hata 3jbtiha 3awdtla o3jbtiha = i swear she liked you, i repeated/said (?) she liked you
fayen azayn = what’s up dude literally: where are you handsome?
3malti lahya = you did the “ahya”
waw chal wa3ar = wow how awesome
chkon hada rabi3 wla? = who’s that? rabi3 or not?
yak maziwan waldak bzaf rabi yahlihlak azayn = your dad is really great (???) God bless him for you dude.
chokran azay = thanks
agji a*** = come/look you ****
hawa aysafetlek boussa = _______ kiss
iwa kahsana nachofak azayn = yeah we have to see you dude
nchallah feshhar 7 = in the 7th month, God willling
ok lah yajibak 3alakir azayn = ok May God bring you with goodness/safety dude
nshallah = God willing
kolo = all
bsaha = with health (a ta santee)
ye3tik sahha = May He (God) give you health
ftah = open
ma3ndichi ana fadar = i don’t have “fadar”
chenni ma3andekci *** wla = what don’t you have? a ****

sorry belladonna that message was filled with vulgar use of language, it is offensive and our forum does not allow that sort of language… i understand that you don’t know what is being said and have no idea that the language is inappropriate but i removed it anyway… and if you know those boys, please whip them both for us. thanks :smiley:

I’m terribly sorry… I don’t have any idea and do n’t want to offend anybody. Perhaps you could just give me the summary of the text without the swears, meaning the related content.

well SM doesnt tolerate this kind of translation … so u can PM me or other members and we’ll translate it asap in private :wink:

Hi there,
Thanks you are so helpful.