Could someone please translate?

lil karsso la7nach ykhaf men la7bal

i think it’s a proverb: he who got bitten by a snake is afraid of ropes

i’m not sure if it’s the exact same as: lli 3ddo l7nch, kaykhaf mn l7bl which translates to what i wrote above

Thank you very much for translating…much appreciated

It’s the same proverb, just vocab differences.

wow nice one LA…very informative and i like what the proverb says, very true!!!

umm could we have the literal meaning or more explanation of the two verbs that are different?



the only thing i know about k-r-s is the egyptian word karsa (disaster or something like that) which i think is k-r-th anyway

the only thing i know about 3ddo is that it looks like it could be either 3-d-d (add or count) or 3-d-y (to lead to)…and neither one seems to make sense in the context…

choukran guys

9ars or 3add has nothing to do at all with the egyptian & arabic vocabs u provided, not even the same letters.

3add (bite) is with “dad” not like 3add (count) with “dal”
& 9rs is with “sad”, karsa is with “thaa” (taa mo3jama)

9rs, i can 9rs you by putting 2 fingers on your skin & squeeze them.
i can 3add you by putting my teeth on your skin & squeeze them.

That’s the literal meaning & difference, but in the different Darija accents, the 2 words are used to refer to an act of hurt by a mosquito, a bee, a snake, a scorpion…etc
You can hear “3addatni namoosa” even if namoosa doesn’t have teeth.
& u can hear “9rasni 7nesh” even if 7nesh does have teeth.

clear ?

perfect very good description pb llah y3tik l3azz w nsarr