could someone help me with a very short translation? Shoukran!

Salam! I am Sam, Belgian, new on this forum and I live in Barcelona. Trying hard to learn some Darija on my own so I can impress my girlfriend who is originally from Fez. I am so happy I found this website! She is trying to teach me and sends me short messages to challenge me, but it is nice to see everything written down here, in a structured way! It is just what I need. Could someone please help me translate the message she sent me? Then I can try to formulate an answer with the words I do know already :slight_smile:

Masahaytch bik 3adi natwahchack

Shoukran bezaf!! Sam.

not positive sam…my best guess is

i didnt wake up with you (not sure about the verb, it is say i did not -verb- with you or to you) - masahaytch bik

its normal that i am missing you - its normal i am missing you (this part i am sure about)

maybe if i knew what you sent her that she responded like this…

good luck with you answer, here to help if you need it…i think if you really love her, it will be the easiest way to learn darija : D

it’s maskhaytsh bik ghadi netwahshek = didnt have enough time with you, im gonna miss you

Muchas gracias! Thank you very very much HeavyGuest and Achminfar9 for the quick answer. When we talk / write spanish I often notice that my girlfriend switches the A and the E in writing and pronunciation (as Achminfar9 indicates with natwahchack = netwahshek)… I always have the impression this is due to her Arab mother tongue. It seems to me like vowels are kind of interchangeable?

And now I put myself to studying, let’s see if I can answer something meaningful :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening!

llah 7afdak lina mr. heavy guest :slight_smile: