could i get some help with this?

hiya ga3 twazejto ana lib9t?

I’m curious as to what this says. Its an email from my bf and I dont have a clue.

there’s a word there “twazejto” i never heard of it :blink: i’ll suppose that it’s a typo & it was supposed to be “tzawejto” = “got married”

so it would be: “so you’ve all got married, i’m the only one remaining ?”

Still someone need to either confirm what i said or dennies it & give the right word for “twazejto” (if there’s any)

nooo ur right PB … there is no such word its only a typo :wink:

no surprises to me that its not right. he can’t spell in any language. i love him but its awful. btw, he’s not married because his mom does not approve of me.

always the same story :S ohhh moroccan moms :stuck_out_tongue:

Practically, if you are a believer (don’t need to be a Muslim), religion is not against this union.
So his mom probably just prefers a Moroccan for him…
Sorry about that…

the problem is generally about age … dont know how old r u … but in morocco they dont accept a young marryin to an old lady , even though the religion isnt againts such marriage … :S ppl r ignorants and some traditions are killing us
lah y3fou 3lina mn ljahl

We are the same age but i look way younger than him. im always worried someone will think that maybe im old or ugly and fat because he’s with me. why is that the norm?

didn’t get that part about you worrying, can you explain?

Madridista, where did you get that age thing from?
Moroccan men do NOT want to marry older Moroccan women, but when it come to older foreign women that can take them to Europe or the USA, age doesn’t matter anymore… the goal justifies the… age

euuuuh i really cant understand but if u really love him … fight for him :slight_smile:

kan zman
now u see a lot of youngs with old foreign women
not allways wrong but mostly is not love for the woman

he says he will keep trying and i can live with that for now.

duuuudes we r talkin about a man who is already in USA … and not all moroccans think the same i know … but lately ppl realized that marryin an old woman for “papers” is really a bad idea