cool lookin poster

but i dont understand what it means

(hope there’s no cusses :P)

The title I think is Come To Your Uncle yeah?

yeah ija l3ammek probably means “come to your uncle” in tunisian… we need to ask someone who knows tunisian darija

and i think it says majitish enty in the middle somewhere. but dunno why it would address a woman…

That’s indeed Tunisian, and it’s addressed to a male. They actually say enti for men.

Ija li3ammek = Come to your uncle (uncle Sam, obviously)
Njibek njibek ya ta7foun = I’ll definitely get you, cutie (or handsome, it’s a cute word anyway)
Ma jitech enti maysalch = If you don’t come, then it’s no problem
Eb3athli chahriya = Just send me the monthly payment

this is a proverb … it means that if u can come its good otherwise just send the money, in morocco we have a the same one … the women of soldiers in the war of Sahara used to say to their husbands : "gaji w regaji , seft lflouss w ga3la tji " : gaji is a darija verb coming from the french word “engagement” like when ppl want to be soldiers they sign an engagement with all that rules and blah blah … so the women said gaji w regaji = u can engage one and two times , just send the money and dont come .
im not sure if tunisians got their expression from the same situation …

Now we all know where Admin’s husband is from :smiley: jjjjjjjj sorry mowlana i had to say it :stuck_out_tongue: do u say to him “habibti enti” ??? lol jk jk

are we allowed to talk to the admin like that !!! :stuck_out_tongue: cooooooooooooooooooooll :^^:

NO WAY, of course you can’t! Neither can I, this is why i’m waiting to be fired real soon :frowning: Plz modira, i didn’t mean it, wellahi bellah, i still seviyor seni :smiley:

Just …why u always use double 7alfa ! (wallahi+bellah)

that’s just how i say wallah, is it bad or what??? :S

thanks admin and mad…it’s cool i like it

yeh that’s very nice and very cool.:okay: