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this is actually not so unlike a previous post, but please I could use some help.
My husband (who is Moroccan) and I have been married for 1.5 years now, and two days ago I found him talking to a Moroccan girl online. He left their conversation box open on our computer when he left to go to work. I understood enough of the conversation to know that he was not being appropriate. I told him that I saw, and we’ve talked. I am heartbroken at this, and I have no idea how to proceed. I am supposed to leave in a few weeks to stay with his family and volunteer in Morocco. But I don’t know how I can trust him anymore.

I’m sorry for unloading my problems to everyone. But I need help. He admitted he was wrong, and at my insistence, he even translated some of their conversation for me. But he stopped, and was ashamed to translate anymore. I don’t think I can go on without knowing what he and this girl said. He lied to me once, I need to know if he was lying again when he told me what they were talking about. I saved their conversation (and a few others that were saved under her screenname on his account) and he knows that I still have a copy. Here is the part of their conversation I have trouble understanding:

HER: re ach gelti?
HIM: golt ana farhan nl9a sadi9a ntbadl m3aha l 7adit
HER: ahhh
ewa lah yjibek 3la kher
HIM: amin
ana fach nji ntmana ntla9ak
HER: incha’lah ila
pske ana kanakra je ne sors pas bezaf et 3andi deja my boyfriend
but il dira rien
i’m sûr
HIM: i now if that will not cause you a probleme
HER: nooon
pas du tt
HIM: Samhili rani khadam daba dakchi alach makanjawbch

It would really help to ease my mind if someone could help translate. I understand individual words (ach = what, 3andi = I have, farhan = happy, khadam = work, kanakra = I read?) but cannot understand the overall meaning.

Please, I would really appreciate help with this.

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i know how you feel - pitty no one here could help me. but just be strong. moroccan men are verry passionate and who knows what they mean when they say certain things. i know my boyfriend loves me but haveing inappropriate conversations with other woman is just not acceptable, even if its not physical! i hope you find peace in someone helping you find out what he has said. and i hope i will too someday!

@elenarose, he said he is happy to find a friend to converse with and he’d like to meet her when he’s back home. she said she doesnt go out a lot and that she has a boyfriend, she said that her bf won’t mind her meeting him. he said he’d like to meet her only if that will cause no problem for her. then he said i need to go to work now.

thanks to all. Knowing what was said really does help to relax my mind - at least now I know more of what I am dealing with. Fortunately, this is not a huge surprise, as it lines up with the first part of their convesation.

lema - I understand. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, too - I know it’s very painful. I don’t think it’s about passion, though. If it’s passion, that can be had within the confines of a relationship. I think for some men it is entitlement - the idea that they deserve something. In my limited experience, I have noticed that often families really venerate the men, and the men are given great freedom. And this leads to the men feeling they deserve much more than they really do.
Again, just my small insight from my very limited experience.

have some faith in your boyfriend ! talking to other women is never bad since you can have friends of both kinds and makes you open to the world i seen your topic and its just a conversation of two bestfriends if you are still interested in translation just pm me your topic is old so im not sure if you alreay got your answer or not ^^