comment les marocains vendent les trucs au marché :P

dedicass d1 africain au maroc :smiley:


lol loving the accent

vRRRaiment le MaRRRRoc c’est incRRRRoyable hhhhh we know that dude tell us something different :smiley:

hhhh what’s that word he says “mla7777” ??? i couldn’t understand it

lolll well mli7 = good

hahahaha… it’s funny :smiley:

looool it seems he has some experience in selling things in some medina :stuck_out_tongue:

haha… they try to sell everything… and every even small thing they recommend like something really special :^^:

isn’t mli7 an algerian word?

A: wech ca va?
B: mli7(a) l7amdollah


yep lalla mli7 is used a lot in algeria and the east of morocco (oujda)
but u can also hear it in other parts of morocco when refering to good products … and as a slang word to a HOT chick = sata mli7a

yeah touta :smiley: this is our morocco hhhhhhhh im lovin it

oh ma gawwwd u always need to include girls rabbi ysm7lek

duuuuuude its not my fault :S if they dont say sat mli7 :frowning:
stop pointing at me with ur dirty finger :’(

shutup my finger is worth more than you and all your property, how dare u call it dirty

duuude we all know what u do with that finger :stuck_out_tongue:

wtfffffffffffffff dude verbal hygiene PLEASE!!!

huh? i didnt mean sth bad
aint responsible for ur dirty minde dude :stuck_out_tongue:

and i’m dumb enough to believe that

lolll u believed a lot of things before :stuck_out_tongue: … its ok with this one hhh

I believed that you were a human,
I was fooled

matalane :^^: