Coca Cola or Pepsi?

Are you a Coca-Cola person, or a Pepsi one?
I think I prefer Pepsi, even if I am convinced they are not healthy.

Here is a Cola ad.

im a coke person

ive seen the cola AD, its quite a long AD

I think this ad is boring!

hi == please read this about … coca-cola

over 1,500 people rallied against a proposed Coca-Cola bottling plant [proposal by South India Bottling Company Private Limited,
a Coca-Cola franchisee] in Gangaikondan village in Tirunelveli district in southern India
on August 9, 2005…Water scarcity is a common problem in the region,
and a broad based movement has emerged to stop the Coca-Cola plant from coming up -
insisting that a bottling plant will further exacerbate water scarcity in the area.coca cola …

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