christmas in moroccan

happy christmas =

Hi Abeer, how’ve you been? :slight_smile:
We don’t celebrate Christmas in Morocco, so we don’t have an equivalent for “merry Christmas” in Darija. The MSA expression Arab Christians use is: 3îd mîlâd majîd.
If there is something you want to send your Moroccan friends greetings for, it’s not Christmas, it’s the new year… the one for the Islamic calendar: 1430. It starts on Sunday/Monday. You can send greetings for the new Georgian year as well.
What you can say for 1430: Sana hijriyya sa3ida. And for a change, for the Georgian year, you can use the Amazigh expression that almost everyone knows: Asggas ambarki n 2009.
I hope this answers your question, and will be helpful to others as well.

SM i think you mean “Gregorian” calender (or year), Georgia is a country near Russia :slight_smile:

also, i’ve heard milad saeed a lot too, i think a lot of Lebanese use that one but im sure your one is more accurate and used more widely.

This is off topic, but does the expression “zamaan” mean something like “long timeeeee” or perhaps “hey its been ages…” ?? thanks