I don’t even know if this word is actually darija, though i assume it is.

that’s puuuuuuure darija :smiley:
chouha = humiliation
chweh = to humiliate

Other meanings of Chouha in Moroccan Arabic:

  1. scandal
  2. stink
  3. disgrace
  4. furor
  5. nasty business
  6. outrage

Like if I say: Chouuuuuha! LA z3ma meghribia dial bssa7 w ma 3arfach achna hia chouha!

chewehti sata hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ahaaaa, I was watchin a retarded video with this title and it makes sense i guess now…

thanks to the both of you… and stop using me as an object of your darija examples :stuck_out_tongue: