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Translation :
ewa bla mad7ak 3lia ana wbnti a _____ = Stop kiddin’ me, me and my daughter Mr/Mrs__________
l3gouba nfar7ou b bnitk wla wlidk inchalah = hope we’ll celebrate ur son or daughter so soon (about a marriage maybe)

@dafir just to ask,in case you’d like to say “we hope to celbrate your daughter/son soon” meaning about a birth the sentence will be made the same way or there other particular verbs/expression to use?

Moroccan language is based on synonyms. There exist so many words and verbs which can have the same meanin’.
I can give another moroccan translation of the same sentence.

We hope to celebrate your daughter/son so soon = net’mennaw nehtaflou (ne7taflou : celebrate) bwlidek/bentek felkarib (l9arib : soonly).

You see ?

ohhhh :blink: i see this one much more complicated i don’t know if i’ll get to “solve” it. thanks anyway :)) sometimes there are verbs used only in a strict contest (born,wedding or even having a bath lol ) so i wanted to be sure

You’re welcome… Hope u’ll get that as easy as u can.
Anyway, i’m always here :slight_smile: