is this normal to say, and if it isn’t, who says it? which region?

chnahia = what’s this (feminine)

i found it strange when i first saw/heard it

chnahia or chnahowa is used in casablanca … its considered 3roubia
normally we say in darija chno howa or chno hia ( what is it )

3roubia ha? hhhhhhhh GREAT. thanks

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i didnt mean by 3roubia sth bad looollll i was talkin about the accent thats all

lollll i’m laughing at the person who says chnahia, and at u too of course coz you’re tooooo racist hhh

nooooooooo come on lollll aint racist hhhhh
u know what ??? when i was in morocco i heard like 5 or 6 times ‘’ why do u speak like a casawi ? "
and i was like WTF :huh: why dont u call me3roubi better

loooool seeee others notice it too, and heyyy there’s nothing wrong with speaking like a casawi, btw it was a casawi who says chnahia, so u see there can be the combination of 3roubi + casawi…

hhhhhhhhhhhhh well casa is considered 3roubia too
and when they told me that i was smelling the sarcasm :s this is why i was shocked :smiley:

looooool ok ok safi this 3roubia and region stuff are too confusing for me…

but one last thing: if someone was to say “chnahia” or “chnahowa”, would u quickly assume they’re 3roubi or you’d say eh maybe they could be from somewhere else???

loooollll well it doesnt sound good … so i dont think someone from another region would use it
even casawi ppl try not to use it in their formal speech

oky doke i see, so i will use it a lotttt nchallah

for the purposes of confusing people :smiley:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhh i can give u more words to confuse ppl hhhhhh
use rwa7 instead of aji … they will think ur from oujda or algeria hehehhehe

looool i have enough people calling me algerian… ok i’ll use it :smiley: thanks brah

ur welcome

Chnahia is not 3roobia in Casa, & it means “what is it” not “what is this”

ok bro calm down :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks!!! :smiley: :smiley:

:roll: ca dep ach bghiti tgoul b 3roubia

countryside dialect