China demolishes mosque for not supporting Olympics

[quote]BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese authorities in the restive far western region of Xinjiang have demolished a mosque for refusing to put up signs in support of this August’s Beijing Olympics, an exiled group said on Monday.

The mosque was in Kalpin county near Aksu city in Xinjiang’s rugged southwest, the World Uyghur Congress said.

The spokesman’s office of the Xinjiang government said it had no immediate comment, while telephone calls to the county government went answered.

“China is forcing mosques in East Turkistan to publicize the Beijing Olympics to get the Uighur people to support the Games (but) this has been resisted by the Uighurs,” World Uyghur Congress spokesman Dilxat Raxit said in an emailed statement.

Beijing says al Qaeda is working with militants in Xinjiang to use terror to establish an independent state called East Turkistan.

Oil-rich Xinjiang is home to 8 million Turkic-speaking Uighurs, many of whom resent the growing economic and cultural influence of the Han Chinese.

Dilxat Raxit added that the mosque, which had been renovated in 1998, was accused of illegally renovating the structure, carrying out illegal religious activities and illegally storing copies of the Muslim holy book the Koran.

“All the Korans in the mosque have been seized by the government and dozens of people detained,” he said. “The detained Uighurs have been tortured.”

The Olympic torch relay passed through Xinjiang last week under tight security, with all but carefully vetted residents banned from watching on the streets and tight controls over foreign media covering the event.[/quote]

No comment! :yuck:

Yes I read about this
it’s very sad to see that even China has no respect for Islam :frowning:
Howcome it’s not called racism or is it that only when it concerns Muslims it’s called “freedom of speech” or “defending ourselves” or “just cartoons”
Yet we still do nothing and act like nothing ever happened
The US boycotted 1980 summer olympics due to the soviet invasion of Afghanistan which was later occupied by the US itself.
some counties are boycotting these olympics because of the mistreatment of the people of Tibet

but we never take all these insults into consideration :frowning: :frowning:

I think that China is probably considering this issue from a political side, rather than seeing it as not caring for a sacred religious place… but still, I never thought that Chinese people were dump, they are certainly aware that such an action is insulting Muslims.
Does forwarding a mail about boycotting the Olympics count as an action from Muslims? Such mails are circulating in the web…

Of course it’s an action but there’s nothing official and I don’t think it will lead to a boycott or even a condemnation by our governments
I don’t mean we shold start rioting and burn chinese flags but the leaders really don’t dare to do anything :frowning: :frowning: