chi haja sda3 , birnamaj , ga3 sattat w kanqllb.. phew

what do these words mean?

  • chi haja sda3
    chi haja = something ?
    sda3 = noise



ga3 sattat … no clue


shukran bzaaaaf a kamleen :smiley:

Oh and before you ask their contexts: birnamaj was in Camera Nojoum again, kanqllb actually had the ending -na, it was from a song, ga3 sattaat, i can’t remember and chi haja sda3 was in the context : msg bdarija chi haja sda3.


Birnamaj: it’s barnamaj, & it’s tv show /programe / schedule

Kanqllb: i’m looking for, i’m searching, i’m seeking

You must’ve heard it from that stupid failthy box of sh7ma called Bigg :yuck:
& it means “all the girls/girlfriends”

Shi7aja sda3: something noise / like noise / causing noise <— that’s the literar meaning.
The expression is used as “extraordinary”, “cool”, “wonderful”, “incredible”…etc

Thanks PB, no i don’t listen to that idiot, i hate him. but for future reference what’s “sh7ma”?

Thank God :okay: stick to Sultan & Fnaire, much better, i’m serious :hap:

Fats :^^: