Chat in SM

well , in many forums there is a chat so that the members could blablabla and leave the serious threads alone :smiley:
so mr.Admin if u can add a chat to SM forums , its gonna be soooooooo great …
thnx dude dima m3edbink m3ana :slight_smile:

mr.Admin? uh oh

she !!! right ?

¡Correcto! Soy una chica :wink:

And oh right, the chat. I am very busy for the moment, but I will see if that’s technically possible.
In the meantime, you can create chat threads, ddar darkom.

ohhh lo siento cari … elli maye3rafek yeg’halek :stuck_out_tongue:
and sorry if im bothering u with my questions :smiley:
and about the chat i think its possible , i know a guy who can provide us with the php of a good chat …

thnx dude

jeez that took a while to notice… lol j/k

The Admin does what her majesty can :wink: But good idea I reckon… good thinking :okay:

lol :smiley: if thats botherin u ( LA ) i’ll be so glad to ask more n more questions :stuck_out_tongue: