change username


could someone please tell me how i can change my username?

By asking an admin.
What do you want it to be?

ok, umh i would like to change it so its not a name so something like rose would be great thanks!

The nickname rose is already taken. You can come up with something else.

ok what about Amira?

That’ taken too, you can check the user list by clicking on the button at the top of the forum.
You can come up with a nickname combining Amira with a number or something else.
Let me know what you want your nickname to be.

ok what about ------ 26Amira19

is that ok?

Sure, there you go. :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to use your new nickname to log in.


SM sorry for being a pain but i have a favour too :smiley: can my username be “LallaAïcha” instead of monpaysmaroc, besides maroc isn’t even monpays :smiley: my 2nd pays :wink:

merci bzzzzzaf bzzzaf d’avance

Done, LallaAïcha. I also changed your title to ex MPM, so that people will still recognize you to be our old MPM.
Will remove that later at your convenience.

YAYYY thanks SM, officiallyy Lalla Aicha :smiley: merci bzaf

wooo and i even have a subtitle :stuck_out_tongue: feels cool


The nickname suits you just perfect :). BSS77a (à ta santé !).

Rabbi ikhllik :wink:

Yay! Next will be your 300th post! Let your jumelle notice, she loves those numbers :D.

lol i will :smiley:

Could I also ask to have my username changed? [color=#857C7A]Sorry to give more work to the admins![/color]

I’d like to be Jonquix :ok:

There you go, Jonquix. :slight_smile:

While you are at it - could I just have a very small change to lise_c