C'est vrai? article claims Berber Culture is dead in Morocco

The basic argument is that satellite imams from Saudi Arabia are winning converts to a more conservative Islam, leading to a reduction in wedding feasts and the like. What do you think? Is this true? Is it good, bad, or indifferent?

No dead, but dying. The article is fairly accurate. Berbers are starting to have the idea that the Islam they practice is “wrong”. Less women are getting traditional tattoos. I was asking about the process of traditional tattooing at a families house one day. In the middle of the explanation, one of the grandsons visiting from Marrakesh boldly announced that tattoos were bd and against the quran. His elderly grandmother, who has the full throat tattoo, left the room crying.

Traditional saint festivals, music, and weddings don’t seem to be effected that much. Chickens still get sacrificed in this one cave near my house. Every soq day people go to the local “magic lady” to get magic spells for their problems. After L3id kbir people wear the sheep skins and beat each other with sticks. Bon-fires are used to chase out evil spirits from sheep flocks. The mention of Aisha Kandisha makes some people uncomfortable. If you open the window of a grand taxi, jinns can get in and make you sick. This nearby mountain has magic properties. And on and on. But in many other areas these traditions have died out. It’s always the places without electricity, water, or televisions that still follow the old beliefs.

MalikRumi, I couldn’t stand reading the whole article. Don’t believe everything you read, take that article with a pinch of salt.

Hammu, where is that place you’re talking about?