Casablanca:12/17/2009 01:40am - Earthquake Fright Night !

Anybody else felt anything ? Portugal ? Spain…Tangier, Rabat, Casa ?

I went to sleep at 00:00, but for some reason i was awake again after 1:00am, at 1:40am while still laying on my place, a noise sounded like thunder made me think it’s a rainy night, i thought i was shakig from the shock, as i was a lil frightened cuz i wasn’t 100% awake, but then i realised that it’s the house thus the earth that’s shaking not me.

It went through about 6 seconds, in which i didn’t make a try to move from my place.
what i remember well is that i thought to myself “God will stop this now !” (hopefully)
after that, i took a look at the street, the guardian’s dog was turning its head towards all directions, i said “ooowww my God, a bigger quake is coming”, fortunately it didn’t.

After i woke up again & after Dawn prayer (6:45am), i checked on Internet, no confirmed news yet, but people say it’s a 5,7 Richter in west Portugal. don’t know where they got that from !! on Md1Sat news didn’t mention anything.

yeah i heard about it too… nchallah it didn’t cause any damage to anyone ya rab

omg r u ok? :blink: earthquakes are soo scary l7amdulilah we dnt have them here l7amdulilah :unsure:

Yeah, l 7amdulillah , everybody is ok, we only got 5.5, the earthquake was 300Kms west of Tangier <— same spot as 2007’s February earthquake which was stronger than this one.

phew l7amdolillah… good to hear no damage

the 1999 earthquake in turkey had soooo much damage… my mum lost her friend from school

omg thats sooooooo sad llah yerhama :neu:
l7amdulilah no one was seriously hurt in this one :unsure:

PB, your family was sleeping and no one felt anything in the morning?

l7amdolillah it wasn’t a serious one, earthquakes are scary indeed

My mother & my sister only knew about it in the morning, it caused my father to wake up while i was already awake.

I can’t bring back the exact feeling ! it’s like i was just dreaming, like nothin happened.